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Windows 10 Update – Reports of Files Deleted

Before I took a day off last week I started writing an article about the new Windows 10 Update (Version 1809 – Redstone 5). I’ve now deleted that draft because the latest news is that the update has been pulled following complaints that documents have been deleted from the C:/Users/[username]/Documents/ folder, along with a few more minor issues as well; check out this article from Connectwise. The loss of files from this folder would be a major issue for most Users, who would generally save all of their personal documents there, I know I do. The complaints are not widespread but you can probably imagine the reaction of those people who have lost files.

Since the roll out of the update is staggered, many people will not have been updated as yet. Some will have downloaded and installed it manually as we did here at the office. If you’ve downloaded it but not installed it yet the advice from Microsoft is not to. They will be looking into it and releasing another update when they have solved the issues. However if you have already installed it yourself, or if your computer has automatically carried out the update, there is a chance that your files could be at risk.

Please check your file folders and the C:/Users/[username]/Documents/ folder in particular. This is exactly the scenario which make regular back ups essential so if you have a back up you should check the files and folders on your computer against the backup and see whether any are missing. If you don’t have a recent back up PLEASE BACK UP NOW! But make sure you compare first. I’d hate to see anyone overwrite backed up files on a flash drive or external hard drive with folders that are now missing files. In fact it might be a good idea to duplicate your back up into a new folder or even an empty drive just in case.

If you have the update and you think you’ve lost files please bring your computer in to us at 24B Dick Street and we’ll see what we can do. Users who have lost files have reported some limited success in retrieving them.

Happily our work files are all safe because they’re stored on Sharepoint as we’re on Office 365. So if you’ve been considering upgrading to Office 365 I’d say this should be a pretty big incentive. All of our data is stored in the Cloud (which means online). This gives us the ability to access it from anywhere with internet on any internet capable device but the main advantage today looks like the security and back up which Microsoft guarantee. The beauty is that no matter what happens on our local computer, be it theft, hardware or software failure, or any kind of damage, our files are safe and secure. If you’d like to know more about Office 365 please check out my previous article. We heartily recommend it and have now implemented it for many of our business clients, who are very satisfied with it.

So in summary, if you don’t have the Windows 1809 update, don’t install it. And if you do have it, check and back up. In fact back up anyway –  who knows what might go wrong tomorrow.