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Windows 7 – The End is near…very near

Microsoft announced some time ago that Windows 7 will no longer be supported from January 2020. We strongly recommend that Windows 7 users, and especially businesses, upgrade to Windows 10 before July this year. 


What does it mean when your operating system is no longer ‘supported’ 

The first issue is updates, which boils down to security. Frequent updates are a way for Microsoft to manage new faults or potential security breaches that come up. You may continue to use an unsupported operating system but you do so at your own, significant risk. The second is new patches, drivers and applications. Any changes that you require, a new printer or an upgrade to your accounting package for example, may become impossible to implement.   


Why must this happen before July? 

Microsoft has been having ongoing difficulty ensuring the security of particular Windows 7 algorithms and have been forced to implement a significant upgrade which must be implemented before July this year in order to continue receiving Windows 7 security updates. Carrying out this upgrade to get half a year more out of Windows 7 would seem to us to be a complete waste of time and money. This effectively brings the date at which Windows 7 will lose support forward to the 16th of July.    


Will I need to buy a new computer? 

Quite possibly. Windows 10 was released in 2015 so if you’re still running Windows 7, your computer is probably at least four years old and may not be worth upgrading to Windows 10. In fact, it may not be possible. If it is possible, it will cost you a good proportion of a new computer to upgrade your old one.  

However, refurbished computers running Windows 10 are available for less than a new one, and these would certainly be suitable for many of our clients who are using their computer, for example, for basic functions such as email, internet etc.. 


How do I check if I’m using Windows 7? 

On your keyboard, hold down the Windows key then press ‘r’ once. In the Run box that appears type in Winver. That will bring up a box which will tell you which Version of Windows you have.  

If it’s Windows 7, please contact us as soon as possible and we will start work on a plan that suits you to move to Windows 10.