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Windows 10 Update 1803

The big Windows 10 update we’ve been waiting for has begun. It will be staggered over several weeks so you’re likely to receive it sometime this month. Big updates like this can be a struggle for some computers to deal with. They require quite a bit of free space so if you are close to capacity, now would be a good time for a clean out. People often underestimate how long Windows updates take and think they have stalled; the advice is that you should not assume the update has stalled until nothing has changed on your screen at all after 3 hours. In this case it’s time to bring it in to us. Do not force a restart, this can damage your computer.

We haven’t had many reports of problems with this particular update so far. We tend to focus on what can go wrong but of course there are a whole lot of new features and functions that come with this update. Here’s an article listing them in detail. And here’s a summary of what I think are the most interesting or important changes you’ll see:

The Timeline Feature

This is a new window accessible via your toolbar called Task View which will appear right beside your search function magnifying glass. Click on it to bring up everything you currently have open, and scroll down to show what you’ve been working on previously. The idea is that you can easily go back to what you’ve been recently doing.

Near Share

This works over Bluetooth, a lot like Apple’s Air Drop. Just turn on Nearby Sharing on both computers you’d like to share things between then right click on your item and select Share.  The idea is that you will eventually be able to share with all sorts of devices (phones, tablets etc) but that will require updates on their parts as well. For now it’s just computers running Windows 10 version 1803.

The Diagnostic Data Viewer

This will let you see exactly what information from your computer has been sent to Microsoft and will allow you to view the data that Microsoft is keeping about your computer. Go to Settings, Privacy, Diagnostics and feedback. You can turn on the Diagnostic Data Viewer and have a look if you like.

Quick Bluetooth Pairing

Just put a Bluetooth capable device in the vicinity of your computer in pairing mode and Windows will bring up a notification asking to pair with said device.

Fast Update Installation

And in what will be a popular move, this update will provide a feature which will make future updates much quicker and easier to deal with. Much of future updates will be done as a low priority task in the background so the time in which your computer is inaccessible during an update will be drastically reduced.

And there are a lot more, here is the full article from HTG. It contains links to instructions on how to use the new features and functions. And remember, if your update has stalled (no change on your screen after 3 hours), bring it in to us. Simon is well versed in walking computers through large updates safely.