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White Listing Junk Emails which are Not Junk

Email applications are quite strict with their spam filters now which I think we all appreciate. But what happens when a legitimate email you would actually like to receive gets immediately relegated to your junk folder? Today I’m going to describe how to re-categorise emails from a sender you would like emails from in future, but which your email application thinks are trash.


Go to an email from the sender you would like to ‘white list’ and right click on it. Hover over rules for further options, then use the top option ‘Always move messages from…’. Click on that and select the folder you want emails from that sender to go to in future, most likely your inbox I would guess. Or you could use the ‘Create Rule’ option to do the same thing.


Go to the Settings cog (top right) and select Settings. Go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses Tab. Select Create a New Filter. Enter the email address in question in the From field. Click Create Filter. Select Never Send it to Spam, or any of the other options on the list you would like, then click on Create Filter again.


The best way to whitelist in Thunderbird is to add the email address to your contact list and then make sure that your entire contacts list is whitelisted as well. First open you Address Book and make sure your Personal Address Book is selected, then select New Card. Add the address and click OK. Then go to Tools, select Junk Mail Controls. In the Settings tab drop down the White Lists menu to find your Personal Address Book and click in the check box Do Not Mark Messages as Junk Mail.


If anyone would like instructions for how to do this for an email application not on this list please comment on the Facebook Post and I’ll add it for you 🙂