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Vodafone Discontinues Email Service – You may need a new email account

If you currently have an email account with Vodafone we’ve got some bad news for you – you’re going to have to create a new email account. Vodafone is closing down their email service, but they have promised to forward any emails arriving at old email addresses to a new address set up by each Vodafone customer for as long as they continue to be Vodafone customers. If this is you, you will need a new address, and the deadline is the 30th of November.


This will apply to any email account ending with the following:

vodafone.net.nz, vodafone.co.nz, ihug.co.nz, wave.co.nz, quik.co.nz, pcconnect.co.nz, paradise.net.nz, clear.net.nz, es.co.nz


If you’re a Vodafone customer you should have received an email recommending you set up a new account for free, either through Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. We would suggest that you get onto this as soon as possible so that you have time to email all of your contacts, advising them of the change, and then monitor the old account to make sure there’s no one you’ve missed.

Vodafone has provided these guides for setting up Gmail or Outlook accounts. And this one for downloading old emails onto your computer (though you can’t do this with Clear or Paradise accounts. You can also transfer your contacts to your new account, except, again, if you have a Clear or Paradise account. In which case you will have to do this manually.

If you just don’t want to do any of this, we can do it for you. Just bring in your computer, we’ll do the rest.