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Viruses, ransomware and antivirus software

Given all the questions we have been getting about viruses, ransomware and antivirus software given the recent news items since the British Healthcare system was brought down over the weekend, we thought we’d answer them all here:

Firstly, nothing is 100% guaranteed to stop you from getting any infection on your computer(s)

There are certain things that you can do to mitigate the risk:
1) Make sure you have good up to date (paid for) antivirus software – free AV is just not good enough (you get what you pay for)

2) Make sure your Windows operating system is up to date with the latest patches

3) If you are running older operating systems like Windows XP or Windows Vista, get off them

4) Make sure you have good, comprehensive and regular backups of your data – if you don’t want to pay the money this may be your only way out

5) Be very careful what you click on – these threats usually come thru as attachments to an email, often from someone you don’t know but sometimes from some one you do. If it is from someone you don’t know, about something you know nothing about – delete it. If it is from someone you do know, read it carefully to see if it is in context before you click on any attachments – and if you weren’t expecting it then delete it and maybe ring them

These last two are probably the most important in avoiding the type of infection topical at the moment.

Our recommendation re protection is the ESET range of antivirus/security products.

So call us today to arrange having it installed or if you’re subscription has expired.  Ph: 078277119 or leave us a message HERE.

Amy Banks