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Urgent Security Warning for Chrome

A serious security threat has been identified by Google which could affect users of Google Chrome. A vulnerability has been identified which could allow hackers to insert malicious code directly into your operating system – potentially allowing them to do whatever they like. The security flaw takes advantage of a particular interaction between Chrome and Windows 7 so both Google and Microsoft are urging users to take action immediately.

Step One: Update Chrome

Google has already solved the problem with a patch and recommends that users make sure that Chrome is updated to the latest version with urgency. The latest version is: 72.0.3626.121. To check it, enter the following into a new tab in your Chrome browser: chrome://settings/help. Attending this site should automatically launch an update check and an update if required. Then it will ask you to restart your computer, which you must do to complete the update.

Step Two: Upgrade to Windows 10

If you are still using Windows 7 then this won’t be your last security scare. Windows 7 will become unsupported from January next year, but will require an update by July this year which essentially means that you have until June to upgrade to Windows 10 (see my previous article). I know there are still some die-hard Windows 7 fans out there but in a few months, continuing to use it is going to become Windows Roulette. All of the ongoing security work that happens in the background, all of the automatic updates that we’re vaguely annoyed by but never pay much attention to will stop. The Chrome update (above) will solve this particular problem this time but an upgrade to Windows 10 is going to be a very necessary step in the near future. Please start thinking about this now; it is not free and it will require a bit of computing know-how to complete. For those with old computers it may be more cost effective to buy a new or refurbished machine with Windows 10 included.

Here are a couple of Techspot articles for those who would like to know more about this threat:

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If you would like to discuss this threat or either of the recommended steps above please feel free to call or email me. Both of these issues are important and I would be happy to discuss them with you: 07 827 7119 or admin@greenmouse.co.nz

Gina Whyte

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