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The New Edge

If anyone out there is using Microsoft Edge for their internet browser you may have noticed that it has undergone a re-brand. The logo now looks like this:

If you have it you’ll know about this already though because it wasn’t quiet about it – it activated a pop-up which cannot be easily exited from without clicking on the ‘get started’ button at the very least. Even if you cleverly use Chrome for your internet browser rather than Edge, or even if you have completely uninstalled Edge, the new version will still install itself. You’ve probably passively agreed to this kind of thing at some point in the past just by virtue of using Windows. Even current Users of Edge will find themselves with the new version. It’s actually a massive overhaul of the application. The new Edge is chromium based, like Chrome, and will hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls that Edge has fallen into in recent times. The application will not replace your old Edge app, it will install additionally. If you’re currently using Edge you won’t have to do anything (other than traipse through the initial pop-up). If you’re currently using Chrome and ignoring Edge then you’ll be free to continue doing so. You could uninstall it, or at the least uninstall the old version of it.

When this will happen to your computer is impossible to predict; Microsoft likes to roll these things out gradually. So far the new app is not automatically setting itself as the default. However, if you would like to change your default internet browser (to or from Edge) this is how to do so:

  • Click on your Windows button in the very bottom left (or on your keyboard)
  • Click on Settings (the cog symbol just above power)
  • Select Apps
  • Select Default Apps
  • Now the trick, counter -intuitively,  is that you have to click on the current default app to bring up a menu of alternative apps for each category
  • Select the default app you want
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