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The Low-down on the Slow Down

In case you missed it, at the end of last year Apple made an admission which had Users worldwide chanting “I knew it” in a wave of collective vindication. They finally admitted to deliberately slowing down phones via those infernal updates we’re always struggling to avoid.

However if, like me, you read the headline, experienced that odd combination of disappointment and satisfaction that comes with discovering you were right about a nefarious act and moved on, you might be jumping the gun.

It’s an issue of battery life. Lithium-ion batteries have a life span. So while your iPhone may have been obscenely expensive, your plan to just keep the damn thing forever is not entirely viable. I’m still rocking the 5S so this is sad news indeed for me. Over time the battery in your phone will slowly degrade (and this applies to any phone with a Lithium-ion battery).

Now I think what we had been quietly accusing Apple of was insisting on larger and larger updates taking up more space on our phones, or even containing software specifically designed to slow down older phones to encourage us to part with more of our money on newer versions. What they have actually admitted to, if you read more of the article than the headline, is providing an update which ‘dynamically manages the maximum performance of some system components when needed to prevent a shutdown’ see ‘A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance’. In other words, in some situations your phone may function slower than usual following this update but they claim that this is to extend battery life, reasoning that unexpected shutdowns would be more offensive to the User than some slowing of functionality. Of course, we should remember that a gradual slowing down is also a function of battery age. Also, this ‘power management’ software has only actually been introduced in the iPhone 6 and 7 models.

If this is a significant problem for you the solution is to replace your old battery. The consensus seems to be that this solves the problem. We don’t replace iPhone batteries or repair iPhones at all here at Green Mouse but if you do want to get it done Apple have discounted the price heavily for all of 2018. This discount only applies to the iPhone 6 and 7 models and since Apple products in New Zealand are repaired through registered third parties rather than by Apple itself, they cannot guarantee the $49 price they’re trying to set. Still, you should be able to wrangle a discount on the standard price for iPhone 6 and 7 models at least.

We don’t do repairs, but if anyone has a question about how to do something particular on their iPhone please leave a Facebook comment and I’ll help you figure it out. Or if anyone has a topic they would like me to write about next, make a suggestion 🙂

And of course, if your computer has been hacked or scammed, infected or dropped, overheated or just isn’t working like it used to, bring it in to us at 24B Dick Street, we can help.