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Substantial Windows Update on the Horizon

Anyone who uses Windows will be well used to the occasional update by now and we are expecting a big one to be released this month. It used to be that you could delay and defer these updates but these days it’s just going to happen automatically and there’s not much you can do about it. The update will require some space so if you are very close to capacity, now would be a good time for a clean out.

Large Windows Updates can take several hours and it’s important that you don’t force a restart while it’s happening. People often think that an update has stalled when it has not – if you think it has stalled wait for three hours and if nothing has changed on the screen during that time then you’ll know that it’s stuck.

We frequently have clients bring in computers that have not dealt with Windows Updates correctly. If you’ve waited for the three hours and nothing is happening it’s time to bring it in to us at 24B Dick Street. Simon is very good at sorting this out.