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Smart Plugs and Smart LED Light Bulbs – now available

Would you like to be able to control your home appliances and lights from your phone from anywhere you have internet? Here at Green Mouse we now sell Smart Plugs and Smart LED Bulbs which will allow you ultimate remote control.


Smart Plugs

The Smart Plug goes straight into your standard power point and you plug your appliance into it. You can then control the on/ off function of that appliance from your phone. There are options for manual control, or you can schedule your device to turn on and off as you like. It also has an ‘Away Mode’ which automatically turns your appliance on and off in a variable manner to create the appearance that someone is home when you’re not. You can upgrade to the Energy Monitoring version to measure the energy consumption of an appliance.

So what are these things good for? Here are a few examples; I’m sure you could come up with more:

Imagine you kindly let your family stay at your bach over the weekend. Did they turn off the empty fridge? Did they turn off the full bait freezer? Did they turn the TV off at the wall to save power? You won’t have to wonder.

Are you someone who needs sound to go to sleep but you don’t want your TV/ music/ fan running all night long? Program them to turn off when you’re asleep. Or program your space heater to turn on from 2am, when it’s really cold.

Want to go to bed without wondering whether your teenager will turn of that game console at the agreed time?

Would you like to set up your slow cooker in the morning and have it run for a time period other than all day long? Just imagine the possibilities.

And with energy monitoring, you can determine how concerned you want to be about the power use of these appliances. How much power does your computer use in sleep mode? What about your TV? Which phone costs the most to charge? You could use this information to inform future purchasing decisions.

Price: $60, or $70 with Energy Monitoring                     *prices include gst


Smart LED Bulbs

I’d say most of us are aware by now that upgrading your standard light bulbs to LED will save you a stack of money on new bulbs and electricity over time because they’re substantially cheaper to run and blow far, far less frequently. Well now you can go one step further with Smart LED bulbs.

These feature WiFi connection, allowing you to control them remotely and it’s not only turning them on and off. Depending on the type you have you can dim them or even tune the colour. They also allow you to track electricity consumption.

You may have noticed that the colour of light is actually pretty important. The light you want in your house, especially in the evening, is the warmer, more yellow colour. That’s why you wouldn’t install the traditional fluorescent light fitting in your bedroom. But the problem with the warm light is that it’s not as bright and can be harder to read by, or see fine detail. The whiter light encourages wakefulness, helps with concentration, and generally makes things easier to see. And the warmer light is more relaxing and can encourage sleep: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21628916-500-tunable-light-bulbs-could-help-you-sleep-better/

Now that living areas are becoming more open plan and used for a wide range of activities, colour tunable light would be amazing. Imagine working at your breakfast bar in the evening with your white lights, then tuning them to yellow to sit down and relax, and then dimming them to watch a movie.

And of course, the remote access also allows you to have your lights turn on and off as you like when you’re away from home to make it appear that you’re there.

Price: $60 (dimmable), $70 (dimmable and white tuneable), $100 (dimmable and colour tuneable)                       *prices include gst

Gina Whyte