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Scams on High Alert in Cambridge

Scams on High Alert in Cambridge. Please be wary.

Just a couple of things which been happening recently, we thought we should make you aware of:

Phone Calls: We seem to be experiencing another round of phone calls from people purporting to be from Microsoft telling you something is wrong with your computer and they can log on and fix it, and often asking for your credit card details. Microsoft will NEVER do this – neither, for that matter, will your bank or internet provider or most other reputable companies. You should hang up. If you genuinely think there is something wrong with your computer you should bring it in to us – most definitely if you have granted these people access to it!

Viruses: There is a fairly serious round of virus infections going on. Make sure your antivirus protection is adequate and up to date and be careful what you click on. Generally speaking, free versions of antivirus are not adequate. You get what you pay for!

Outlook Email: People collecting their Xtra email from Spark using Outlook may be experiencing some difficulties. When contacted, Spark are telling them they have to upgrade to Outlook 2016 – even though they may be running recent versions 2010 or 2013. This is not necessarily correct. Contact us if you are being told this