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Refurbished Computers – Now an Excellent Choice

Here at Green Mouse we have been supplying computers to our clients for years. Our policy is that we won’t sell cheap, sub-standard computers but now we have another option – good quality refurbished computers with the option of a new SSD.

Recently I wrote about the price reduction in new SSDs (Solid State Hard Drives). They are vastly superior both in speed and reliability to the old mechanical hard drives. And now they’re relatively cheap. For example, we can access 3 year old, good quality laptops, which would have cost $1400 to $1600 new. We can now sell those for $400 – $500. We can add a new 240GB SSD and transfer over the data from your old computer for another $200 – $300 and what you’ll have will feel like a new laptop for roughly half the original price. Rather than spending that amount on a new but sub-standard model, you’d actually be better off with a quality refurbished machine. The only caveat being that these models don’t have huge amounts of storage. However many people don’t actually require massive storage now that so much of computing is happening in the Cloud. 

Refurbished PCs are also a great option. We have been selling these for as little as $290, or $370 with a brand new 240GB SSD installed (price does not include data transfer).

So if you’re thinking that a new PC or laptop might be on the cards for you in the near future, consider a refurb. Contact us for options.

Finally I have two more hints for you when considering purchasing a computer. We would suggest sticking with Intel ‘i series’ processors rather than other makes and models, unless you like waiting for extended periods for your computer to do anything. And please do not get a computer running anything less than Windows 10. Support for Windows 7 is about to expire, leaving computers running it open to increasing security risk.