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Recent Spate of Facebook Hacking

Has anyone else noticed a whole lot of weird messages from their Facebook Friends over the weekend? It appears that a whole lot of people have had their accounts hacked. I’ve received messages (in Facebook Messenger) with alarming grammar and an angry emoji from my ‘Friends’ saying ‘it is are you? 

Here’s an article about it in Stuff that one of our Facebook Friends kindly found about it.

If you do receive a message like this from a Friend you can safely ignore it. They’re not feeling  at you. You might want to let them know though, in case they don’t realise yet that they’ve been hacked.

If you think your Facebook Account has been hacked, here’s what you should do:

1 – At the top right of your Facebook page there is a tiny little arrow (beside the question mark). Click on it to access a drop down menu

2 – Click on ‘Settings’

3 – At the top right under ‘General’ you will see ‘Security and Login’. Click on it

4 – Now look in the section ‘Where You’re Logged In’. If you are logged in somewhere weird that you haven’t logged in, then you’ve been hacked.

5 – At the right side of the weird location you will see three little dots. Click on them and select ‘Not You’. You will then be taken through a series of steps in which you will change your password and go through your recent activity, with the ability to delete any unsanctioned activity on your account.

Here’s the article explaining this. It also has a list of other ways you can tell if your account has been hacked.

There is also another scam going around on Facebook based on the ‘Trusted Friends’ function, which can also be found in that ‘Settings’ menu. Basically, if one of your ‘Friends’ asks to to help them recover their account because you’ve been listed as a Trusted Friend, you should contact them first in the real world to make sure it’s legit. You can read more here.

My advice is to spend a little bit of time thinking about your Facebook Privacy Settings. The little question mark at the top right of your Facebook Page will show you a drop down menu from which you can select ‘Privacy Checkup’ and ‘Privacy Shortcuts’. I think it’s worth taking a look