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Recent Scam Activity in Cambridge

I’m interrupting our series of quick tips to remind everyone again about the basic phone scams which are still happening, and still catching people out.

Last week a resident of Cambridge received a phone call from a man claiming to be from Microsoft, who said that his computer was running slowly and needed updating. The victim obliged the scammer, giving him remote access to his computer, following instructions he didn’t understand, and even logging into his internet banking. The scammer then went in and stole $13,000.

Luckily the bank managed to reverse the transaction in time, though he did lose several hundred in currency conversion fees.

A few weeks ago I had a phone call from another Cambridge resident who said she had had phone calls from a man claiming to be from Windows (Note: Windows is not even a company). When she refused to immediately follow his instructions he threatened her with a hefty fine. She had already hung up on him twice when she called us. She was understandably very concerned.

These phone scams have been going on for years and many more sophisticated scams have been created since, but clearly not everyone knows the basics of avoiding phone scams:

1 – Companies will not ring you out of the blue asking you to do things on your computer. They will never ask you for passwords.

2 – No matter how convincing, how threatening, how abusive a scammer becomes, they can’t get your money unless you invite them onto your computer. Do not follow their instructions. Hang up immediately.

If you know anyone who uses the internet and specifically internet banking, who might not be aware of these phone scams, please talk to them about it. I hate to see people still being taken in by these unscrupulous scammers.

Gina Whyte