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More Problems with Windows 10 Update

You might remember that the Windows 10 update originally released in October was then halted as reports came in that personal files and documents were being lost, well since then Microsoft staff will no doubt have been furiously working to rectify this and other small issues identified. Clearly they thought they had the problems solved because they resumed the roll-out on the 13th of November. But now the release has been stalled again, for some computers only, after a fault relating to Intel Display Drivers was found. The solution for now is that any computer which has these particular drivers will be exempt from the automatic update.

What has been reported is that PCs with these drivers are having trouble playing audio when connected to an external monitor or television via HDMI, USB-C, or DisplayPort.

You can check if you have these drivers . If so you will not be able to update Windows 10 as yet. And if you have already got the Windows 10 update and are experiencing this problem I guess you now know why.

How to check whether you have the 1809 update:

  1. Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner (the Start Menu)
  2. Without needing to locate your cursor anywhere in particular, type the word ‘about’
  3. Click on ‘About Your PC’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Windows Specifications’
  5. If it says 1809 then you have this most recent update

How to check whether you have the affected drivers:

  1. From the Start Menu (as above), type ‘Device Manager’
  2. Select ‘Driver Manager’
  3. Find and expand ‘Display Adapters’
  4. Right click on the Intel® HD Graphics device
  5. Select ‘Properties’
  6. Click on the ‘Driver’ tab
  7. Check the driver version. The, or are the versions affected by this issue

If you already have the update and the listed drivers and you’re experiencing this problem we can fix it for you. For this, or any other problem, just drop your computer in to us at 24B Dick Street (behind the dentist). We’ll sort it out.


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