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The Problems with Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration

We’ve had two clients recently who have experienced lag with their keyboard and mouse when using Chrome, and the internet tells me that others are experiencing pixelation when trying to watch videos due to the same thing – Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration setting.

The idea of this setting was that particular, usually visual processes, which would usually be handled by the CPU would be managed by the graphics card, freeing up the CPU and speeding up your computer. However it seems to be falling down in some cases so if you’re experiencing problems when using Chrome; lag, poor visual quality etc, you could try turning it off.  Here’s how:

Open Google Chrome

Click on the three dots, top right

Select Settings

Scroll down

Click on Advanced

Scroll down to System

Look for ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’

If it’s on, turn it off


I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has tried this: what was the problem you’ve been experiencing and did this solve it? Leave a comment on Facebook or email me at admin@greenmouse.co.nz

Thanks, Gina 🙂