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Phishing Email Spreading Locally

Beware opening your emails this morning Cambridge, there’s a phishing email going around.

It will come from someone you know and probably trust and will contain a PDF attachment, claiming that your contact would like to share it with you. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT.

What’s happened is that your contact has opened the attachment and his or her email account information has been sent off to the scammer. Then, posing as that person, the scammer has sent out the same email to every person on the stolen contact list. If you open yours, then every person on your contact list will be contacted, seemingly by you, with the same email.

The purpose of phishing emails is to get hold of your personal information with the ultimate goal of stealing your money. Here’s a great site explaining what Phishing emails are all about and how to recognise them: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/safety/online-privacy/phishing-symptoms.aspx

The above article recommends that you look out for links or attachments in emails, threats, and bad spelling or grammar to spot a phishing email. They also frequently purport to be from well known companies.

If you think you might have opened a dodgy email which may have infected your computer please contact us at Green Mouse Computing; we can fix it for you: https://greenmouse.co.nz/contact-1/