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The NUC Mini PC – The Next Unit of Computing

How big is your PC? I’m talking about the tower, the box that sits under your desk or on it, taking up your work-space. Imagine if it was the size of a couple of sandwiches instead (yes that piece of paper in the above photo is A4). The NUC is 11.68cm x 11.17cm and only 3.9cm thick. You just plug in your existing monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse dongle as you would with a standard PC. If you’re short on desk space the NUC is the solution. While it is small in physical size it is not small on data storage; it comes with the standard storage space options you’ll find in PCs.

The NUC is from Intel (so you know it’s good) and has all the standard specs:

  • Intel i3 or i5 CPUs
  • 240GB or 480GB SSD
  • Windows 10 Pro

And the best part is that they are slightly cheaper than the equivalent in your standard tower box.

We have two in stock right now if you want to come in and have a look, or a hold. They weigh about as much as a 5-week old Labrador and they’re almost as cute.