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New Outlook Feature – Roaming Signatures

If you were working from home with your own computer over lockdown you might have had to update your email signature in Outlook. This is because Outlook stores email signatures on the local computer even though the email account is hosted in the Cloud. This is about to change. During July/ August, your Outlook Account will access the signature stored on your computer and save that as the signature which will, from that point on, ‘roam’ with the email account. So the signature will be the same irrespective of the computer you’re using. My immediate question of course is this: if you have Outlook on your work computer and your home computer and you have a different signature on both, which is Outlook going to pick up as the new default? My guess is that it will be impossible to predict. However it’s not a huge deal to edit your email signature if it suddenly reverts to one that you weren’t expecting. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on File on the top bar
  2. Select Options in the blue side menu
  3. Choose Mail in the side menu of the box that has opened
  4. Click on the Signatures… button on the right
  5. Now select and edit your signature as desired, making sure you have the correct email account selected on the right. You can also check that it appears on both your new messages and replies/ forwards while you’re here. That’s how I like mine to work anyway

It will actually be a pretty good feature once you’ve got it sorted for your email account. We changed ours quite a lot during the various Covid Alert Levels to let our clients know how we were operating at the time and it certainly would have been helpful if it was automatically the same over our work computers and our laptops. The only tricky part will be that companies who have previously solved the problem of signatures being stored locally with an add-on to Outlook will find that this solution no longer works. In this case each signature will need to be applied to each email account again. Probably the easiest way around this is for every account holder to update their own signature using the above steps. If they don’t have access to original logo files etc they can always copy and paste it from a previous email.


Our office is open as normal during Alert Level 1. Great job NZ!
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