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MYOB v19 Clash with Windows 10

In another example of ‘good reasons to keep your programs up to date’, an old version of MYOB (v19) is now being blocked by Windows 10. Here is the message that three of our clients have received today: “This app has been blocked for your protection. For more information contact the administrator”

Basically, Windows 10 has flagged this version of MYOB as being unsafe for some reason (even though it’s probably not) and now you will require help in order to make Windows accept it again. We know how to do this, having done so thrice already. So if MYOB suddenly stops working and you’re still on v19, please give us a call. Even if v19 is still working for you we recommend that you update as soon as possible because it’s out of support which means that any problems going forward will not be addressed by MOYB.

admin@greenmouse.co.nz   ~   07 827 7119