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Microsoft Office and The Magical Toolbar

Kerrin has found a great feature available with the Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Excel etc). The Blue (or green, orange or red, depending on the program) toolbar at the very top of the Window in each application is customisable; you can have all sorts of things in there. If you open one of these programs just click on the tiny little arrow:  

It will bring up a list of all the shortcuts you can add. It’s a bit like your Desktop Toolbar which hangs out at the bottom of your computer screen. So in Word you could have things like Undo and Redo, New, Open, Email, and if you select More Commands at the bottom of the list you’ll see that this list gets even longer.

The shortcut that Kerrin was excited about however, was the ability to display a file’s full location. This is perfect for people who are using a big filing system like a company’s Sharepoint, or for people who are organisationally challenged. If you find yourself creating documents and then wondering where the heck you saved them, this is for you.

This is how you do it:

  1. Click on the little arrow in the toolbar
  2. Click on More Commands
  3. Open up the drop down menu under Choose Commands From:
  4. Choose Commands Not in the Ribbon
  5. Scroll all the way down to Document Location and select
  6. Click Add to shift that (and any others you want) to the Toolbar List on the right

Here is a link to the article by Tech Republic which includes pictures for these instructions. Once you’ve done this the location will appear as the default of a drop down menu in the toolbar which will also list recently visited websites, which is also handy.

If anyone has a go at this and finds some other cool features to add please let me know on the Facebook Post for this blog post. Cheers