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Major Windows Upgrade Imminent

Anyone who uses Windows will be well aware that minor upgrades happen all the time, but this one, dubbed the ‘Fall Creators Upgrade’ is big and may freak you out.

Your computer will probably start asking you to do it today and you will eventually have to relent. Updates are important but don’t start this one if you’re going to need your computer any time within the next several hours.

Here’s the low-down from our Senior Technician Simon:

The upgrade can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection. Windows should ask you for permission to begin before the upgrade starts but please note that it cannot be interrupted once it has started and turning off the computer during the upgrade can damage windows and cause your computer to be inoperable.
In rare cases the upgrade may fail or refuse to run. In this instance we recommend booking your computer in for a check-up with us – we can usually resolve the issue preventing the upgrade and complete it for you, ensuring your computer is up to date and reliable.
To see if you need the upgrade, please check your current version of windows – to do this open the search menu (magnifying glass on the task bar) and type ‘winver’ in the white box – press enter and this window (above) will appear.
If the version is 1703 or lower then you will need to do the upgrade.

So the main point here is do not, under any circumstances, no matter how long it’s taking, hold down the start button to during an update. And if you have done this and your computer now doesn’t work, bring it in to us 🙂