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The iPhone X – Yay or Nay?

Apple’s new iPhone X is available to order now, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks for delivery. The question is: should you shell out for the most expensive phone ever? ($1799 for 64GB or $2099 for 256GB)

First, let’s get the name right. It’s actually the iPhone 10 (crank out your Roman Numerals). Apple is making a big deal of it – it’s supposed to be a celebration of ten years of the glorious iPhone. They’re claiming that it’s massively different from previous versions. And they would I suppose, because you’re not going to spend $1799 or more on the same old same old.

Now for my disclaimer: I love my iPhone, I really do, but I’m a terrible cheap-arse. The iPhone X is literally more expensive than my wedding ring. I’m still on the iPhone 5S (gasp) because it’s a very good phone that does everything I want it to do, and because I haven’t dropped it into the toilet yet. So there is 0 chance I’m going to purchase this myself; your disposable income and the importance of having the latest and greatest technological gadgets in your life is going to be the deciding factor here.

Now hopefully by now we all know how to conduct a simple review search online – just type the name of it and ‘review’ into Google (iPhone X review). Here are a couple I read to inform this post: One from The Herald and a very detailed one from The Verge. If you’re going to spend $1799 or more you’d better do your research.

Main Differences:

Display – The X had an OLED display, the only iPhone that has it. And apparently it’s substantially better, and allows the phone to be slimmer. OLED screens generally tend to have a few minor faults like slight colour variations when tilting and possible burn-in (residual images hanging around), but Apple have worked hard to minimise these.

Size and Shape – The overall phone is slimmer and the effective screen area larger than previous versions. I’d personally never buy a phone without holding it in my hand first because hands come in different sizes and fit has an impact on your comfort in using it.

Home Button – The iPhone X has no home button, you swipe the screen to log in.

Facial Recognition – Since there’s no home button, your fingerprint is now worthless. The X has a little scanner that recognises your face and lets you in (your kids can still use the pin number). It’s not perfect, but neither was the fingerprint scanner. It works very well in darkness but not as well in bright light, and you have to hold it a certain distance from your face.

Battery – Apple claim the battery life is better than previous versions but the reviews suggest that it might not be substantially different than what you’d get with the 7 or 8. It has cordless charging

Animojis – These are widely touted as the very best and coolest thing about the iPhone X. It’s essentially a little video of your face converted into an animated creature (a fox, a unicorn, a robot etc) complete with accurate facial muscle movement and synced speech. They’re the next step up from emojis and you’d use them in the message app, as you might currently use an emoji. However, there is a also a super-fun new trend called Animoji Karaoke , which looks awesome

So am I going to buy it? Absolutely not, but I won’t judge you if you do, it does sound very cool.

Remember, Green Mouse does not repair damaged iPhone or iPads, but if you have a question about a particular settings issue or how to do something, send it my way. I really enjoy figuring these things out