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iOS 12 – Update Away iPhone Users!

In the past I’ve always been reluctant to update my iPhone with the latest operating system but this one is getting good reviews. Apple is touting that it will improve performance on phones dating back as far as the 5s (released in 2013). Since I’m still running the 5s I’m super excited about the proposed improvements: up to twice as fast at opening apps and the keyboard, and up to 70% faster at opening the camera. This will be a big deal for me – opening the camera is the most painful thing I do on my phone. Nick Wigham from The Herald even suggests that you shouldn’t bother buying the new iPhone because your old phone is going to be so improved with iOS 12. And Mat Smith from Engadget says that the updated has “breathed new life” into his iPhone 6s. I’m very excited to do my update tonight. This will be the first time I will have proactively pursued an update rather than reluctantly being worn down by notifications; I had to check how to do it:

Go to Settings, General, Software Update. You should see iOS 12 available. Scroll down and you’ll see Download and Install. And now stop – you’ll want to wait until you go to bed before setting this running unless you want to spend your lunch break staring at the wall.

Here are some of the coolest new features you’ll enjoy with the iOS 12 (apart from your phone running a whole lot faster):

Screen Time – want to know how much time you’re spending on particular Apps or even set time limits? Now you can. This would be great for my son who has a set time that he’s allowed to play his favourite game each day. You can extend your time but you have to actually extend your time which is probably enough for most of us to control ourselves

Grouped Notifications – organised by App so I don’t have to scroll through an ominous list of a hundred individuals comments from a conversation my friends have been having about Warhammer Quest. I don’t care guys, why am I even part of this messenger group??

Animoji and Memoji – The Animojis have been extended to include more characters and if you have an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR you’ll be able to use Memoji, which seems very cool. You can set up an avatar that looks just like you and then video yourself talking or singing or making cool facial expressions and send a cartoon version of yourself like a video message.  Check it out.

Group Facetime – up to an unbelievable 32 members at once. Whoever is talking will appear in a larger box.

Check out the (much longer) list from The Verge

I might have to come back here later and let you know what I think of the update. I’ll do it tonight…

Update 24th Sept: I’ve got the update and it certainly has sped things up – particularly the camera. Many of my apps had updates associated with the iOS 12 update so once I’d finished that I went through and updated any apps that were requesting  updates as well.