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Increased Paid Parental Leave – Info for Businesses

You may have heard that the time available for Paid Parental Leave will increase to 22 weeks from the 1st of July this year. This probably won’t make much of a difference for employers because employees are already entitled to 26 weeks or a year of job-protected leave (depending on whether they’ve been employed for 6-12 months or more than one year). Employees who choose to take only the time during which they will receive Paid Parental Leave will have an extra month available. The funds are paid by Inland Revenue, not employers, who will assumably be paying the employee’s normal wage to a temporary replacement during that time. So the main impact of the change for employers will probably be in scheduling and providing advice to employees.

Here is a link to the IRD website with all the information and forms required to apply for Paid Parental Leave. Employees must apply for it themselves but will require a declaration from their employer in support of their application.

And here is a link to the article by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment detailing the changes from the 1st of July.