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The Importance of the Complete Shut Down

Over the past week we’ve had several clients present us with issues which have been largely caused by failure to shut down their computer properly for an extended period, coincidentally, for each about a month. Like humans, computers do not like staying ‘awake’ for extended periods. Just like us, it makes them behave strangely. I usually shut my computer down properly every day but if you’re someone who likes to leave it on, one proper shut down per week is the minimum for continued functioning.

Sometimes the problem is that Users don’t know how to carry out a full shutdown; physically closing the lid of a laptop does not do it, that just puts it into hibernation mode, which you will know it’s in because when you open the lid again it will turn back on. On a PC, turning off your monitor (screen) does not turn off the computer, and holding down the start button on the PC Tower does turn it off but it’s not a proper shut down and can also harm your computer.

Users may also be reluctant to shut down properly because slower computers are always most slow on start up. There are two fixes for that – either have your computer upgraded to improve performance (we can help with this) or you can set fewer applications to automatically run on start up. To do this, click on the little Windows icon in the bottom left corner, click on the Settings icon Image result for windows settings icon (the cog), then select Apps, then select Startup on the left hand menu. You’ll see a list of applications which automatically open on start up. You can turn off any you know are not required.


What does My Computer do at Shutdown?

A shut down provides your computer with an opportunity to properly close down all files, including background files, to rest hardware, and probably most importantly, to carry out updates.


How to Properly Shut Down a Computer 

Click on the Windows button in the very bottom left of your screen 

Select the power button directly above:  , and click on ‘Shut Down’, if it says ‘Update and Shut Down’ that means there are updates pending and you should do this ASAP.


If your computer seems to be behaving strangely the first thing to try is to shut it down (properly) and then restart. This is not just a joke from an episode of The IT Crowd, it’s genuine advice 🙂

If you’re still having trouble, please contact us: admin@greenmouse.co.nz  ~  07 827 7119  ~  24B Dick Street, Cambridge