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The Hawaiki Internet Cable is Open

Great news everyone, after five years and 445 Million in private investment, the Hawaiki Cable is now operational. The cable connects NZ and Australia to the US and has a capacity of 43 Terabits, which is several times more than the previous combined total of NZ and Australia.

What does this mean for consumers? Basically it should result in more and quicker internet at lower prices. The Hawaiki Cable is ‘carrier neutral’; it is not owned (or partially owned) by any of NZ’s internet providers, which should hopefully provide better competition in the market. And the improved download speeds will be particularly apparent when using international sites.

It also provides a back-up in the event of a breakdown or failure, though you might say that the old Southern Cross cable will become more of a back up to the Hawaiki. The new Hawaiki cable should satisfy our internet needs for the next 25 years. Here is a link to the article from Broadband Compare.

If you’re concerned about the speed of your internet you can check out a speed test site like this one from Wireless Nation. And here is an article which will explain your results from Glimp. Basically anything close to 100mbps is excellent. And remember there is a big difference between your internet running slowly and your computer running slowly.