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Get Your Slow Computer Moving – Cheap SSD Upgrades

Is your computer slow? Speed is a major concern for many of our clients and often there is a quick and easy fix which will make a huge difference – upgrading the old mechanical hard drive to a new Solid State Drive (or SSD). We’ve been doing this for our clients for years and the improvement in speed is extraordinary. For example we had a laptop in today which was taking over five minutes to start up and now, with the new SSD, it takes 8 seconds. And that’s just the start up time; all functions will speed up. A mechanical hard drive can be a serious bottle-neck for a computer. SSDs are faster and more reliable with fewer moving parts. Even an SSD with less space can make a huge difference to the functionality and speed of your computer.

And the great news is that the price of SSDs has recently come down. The price including installation and transfer of your data can range from $200 – $300 depending on the size of the SSD chosen and the amount of data to transfer. That’s a fraction of the price of a new computer and the improvement will be such that your old computer will feel like new. The new SSD will probably extend the life of your computer as well – it really is a massive improvement for the cost. No one should have to put up with a slow and clunky mechanical drive at these prices.

For the installation and transfer we will need your computer for up to one day. If your PC or laptop is slow on start up in particular this is a good indication that you have a mechanical hard drive that would benefit from an upgrade to an SSD.  If this sounds like your computer we would be more than happy to take a quick look and advise you on whether an SSD can help. We will waive our standard inspection fee if you decide to proceed with the upgrade.

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