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Function Keys Shortcut Hacks – F1

Function Keys are the computer keys located at the top row of you keyboard.

They all have useful functions, some you may already know about, others that you may not.

Checkout these Shortcut Hacks:

F1 = Is the HELP screen for almost every program you are in.

F2 = Allows you to quickly rename the selected file or folder, saving you having to right click too many times.

F3 = Launches the Search feature for the application that you are working in.

F4 = Alt + F4 Closes the window you are working in.


F5 = Refresh!  Click F5 to refresh or reload the browser you are working in.


F6 = Moves the cursor to the address bar of your internet browser


F7 = Spell Check!  (You probably knew that one) in Microsoft Applications.

F8 = Accesses the  Start Up Menu in Windows when turning on the Computer

F9 = Refreshes a document in Microsoft Word and send and receives e-mails in Outlook.

F10 = 2 Shortcut Hacks

1.  SHIFT + F10 is the same as right clicking.

2. F10 on its own activates the Menu Bar of the program you are working in.

F11 = Maximises and Minimises Full Screen Mode in Internet browsers. (Will remove the Browser Tab to enter full screen mode).

Full Screen Mode

Not full screen

F12 = Opens the Save As window in Microsoft Word.


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Amy Banks