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Finally, somebody’s listening…

Here at Green Mouse we often get phone calls from people dealing with unscrupulous scammers, and fixing the mess made by viruses and ransomware is a big part of our work. I post information about current scams making the rounds like a nasty flu bug quite frequently, and people wonder who they can take their gripes to; who out there is willing to listen and advise when we’re attacked online?

Well now there’s an agency devoted to ‘Responding to Cyber Security Threats in New Zealand’ – the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ). You can go to their website to report your experiences at www.cert.govt.nz. And you can look up information and advice on trending threats. Satisfyingly, your report contributes to the information and advice that CERT NZ provides to other users, and to the reports they release on the overall cyber security threat situation in New Zealand. The more people submitting reports on their experiences, and the more detailed the information people provide, the better CERT NZ can respond.

The site also contains some cyber security guides, and information on the different types of threats you might face. Their recent report shows that cyber security threats are a big deal for New Zealanders; costing us over $700,000 in the past few months alone:  https://www.computerworld.co.nz/article/625858/cert-nz-first-threat-report-364-incidents-700k-losses/

So next time you’re wondering why no one seems to care that you’ve been attacked online – well, CERT NZ does. And even better, you can use your experiences to better inform others. And we care as well. If you need help in resolving something nasty someone has done to your computer, give us a call at Green Mouse Computing (07 8277119), or bring it in to us at 24B Dick Street, Cambridge.


Gina Whyte