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Computing Tips for Summer

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Green Mouse opened again on the 11th of Jan and we’ve been pretty busy – it’s been great to catch up with our clients after the break. We hope you had a bit of time for relaxing before getting back into it.

Summer is the time of year when computers start packing in due to the heat, especially if they’re loaded with dust. Here are a few tips for caring for your computer when it’s warm:

  1. Don’t pile stuff around and on top of your computer, particularly over any vents. Give it space to breathe.
  2. If your computer lives somewhere dusty maybe give the area around it a quick vacuum. We can carry out a de-dust of your PC tower here at our offices if you’re concerned about this.
  3. Don’t put your laptop on your bed – duvets are particularly bad for preventing heat from escaping.



We’re predicting an imminent shortage of laptops over the next few weeks as students start to buy them up for BYOD devices for school. This happens to some extent every year but this year could be particularly tricky since Covid has given us a general shortage all last year. Please don’t leave this to the last minute if it will apply to you.


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