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Contractors vs Employees

A Dunedin taxi company is about to receive a bill for nearly $100,000 for four employees who were employed as what the IRD call 'sham contractors'. Now I don't know what this company's particular financial situation is but I would be surprised if many small businesses could absorb a hit like that. Employing contractors has [...]

Position Available – Computer Technician

We are seeking a full time Computer Technician to work in our Cambridge Office to provide first class service and support to our large customer base. Duties Include: Providing first line technical support; answering support queries from clients, in person, via the phone and email Installing computers and other devices at customer premises Maintaining small [...]

Wages Over Easter

Easter is coming, and with it, the potential for confusion about wage entitlements. Also, did you know that school kids have the Tuesday off as well? I mean what the heck is that all about??! Anyway, moving right along... Rules Specific To Easter Good Friday is a Public Holiday and so is Easter Monday, but [...]

Navigating the Holidays Act

The way that businesses employ staff is changing. If your employees work set days and hours days each week without variation then the Holidays Act 2003 will be easy to apply. However, more and more employees these days are working variable hours, casual or on call, or working extra hours as they come up. These [...]