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Is Your Business Lockdown Ready?

It certainly seems like New Zealand is on track to beat Covid-19. I think we’re all, rightly, patting ourselves on the back for the work and restraint that our ‘team of 5 million’ have put in.

It would have become very clear during lock-down that some businesses were well prepared to deal with the sudden onset of lock-down and some were not. What we found was that supplies of computing equipment such as laptops, wireless USB adapters and webcams became very scarce. The numbers of available laptops, especially quality and cost effective laptops, suddenly dropped to single digits within a 24 hour period. We hurriedly set up many of our business clients with the gear they needed to have staff working from home but my guess is that many were not able to continue to the extent that they would have liked. So seeing as how we’re not yet sure that we’re entirely out of the woods, now would be a very good time for businesses to take stock of their mobility in case lock-down should happen again – I’m sure that many are already doing so. Here’s a scenario – one of your employees contracts Covid-19 or is found to have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19. In this case you’re whole organisation would immediately go straight back into lock-down.

To assist businesses with the process of assessing their preparedness to work remotely, we have two surveys available: one for businesses to complete to help determine which staff could be working from home, and one for each staff member in this position. One issue we came across, for example, was that the work desktop computers that people were taking home were not wireless capable (most desktop PCs are not) so they had to be physically connected to the router with a cable which required that they be set up right next to the router. This was not always possible, and this is where laptops have the advantage. The staff survey contains questions like this.

If you would like to use these surveys please contact us for a copy of them. Or if you would like to set yourself up with a laptop or three, or other gear to assist in mobility going forwards, we have the stock.

Our office is open during Level 2. Please contact us first via phone or email for any computing issues. We’re using the application Teamviewer for remote service. We can also supply computer equipment and consumables such as printer ink and toners – couriered directly to your door.
Please contact us via phone or email:   07 827 7119     ~     kerrin@greenmouse.co.nz