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Windows 11

We got the big announcement from Microsoft this week that Windows 11 will be available from the 5th of October. You might also have received pop up notifications on your computer about it. Microsoft is touting a fresh design, Teams integration into the taskbar, a better gaming experience, increased speed and efficiency, improved integration with […]

Track and Trace Package Scam

I received this package scam email twice this morning. It’s a fairly poor attempt frankly, claiming to be from NZ Post without even making use of their new logo (or even the old one). Plus the sender address is this give-away: <admin.9m9sgrjwa2pbdplsyz6@coralco.org.uk> The entire email is a link so wherever you click you’re going to […]

Windows 10 Basic Tips

Despite Windows 7 being out of support since January 2020 there are still people transitioning out of it and into Windows 10. If you’re still using Windows 7…please don’t. Seriously though, it’s a security issue at this stage. At the very least you should not use a Windows 7 computer for internet banking. When I […]