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Who Wants a Free Campervan?

Everyone right? And who can afford to give one away on Facebook? That's right, no one. Literally no business in the world can afford to give away something worth $100,000. Even $1600 - would you like a free iPhone X? Of course, but if you want one you'll have to buy it, because that Facebook [...]

Vodafone Finally Disabling Web and Email Hosting

I think we all knew this was coming. Vodafone made the call over a year ago now to close down their various email hosting services, (clear.net.nz, es.co.nz, ihug.co.nz, paradise.net.nz, pcconnect.co.nz, quik.co.nz, vodafone.co.nz, vodafone.net.nz, wave.co.nz) and now all Domain Name Registrations, Domain Name Hosting and Web Hosting will be unavailable from the 28th of February next [...]