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Apple’s New Sneaky Little WiFi and Bluetooth Feature

Now let me start by clarifying that Green Mouse doesn’t repair apple products anymore because it voids the warranty. But I have one, and you might as well.

Since the recent iOS11 update, I’ve noticed that even though I was turning it off every day, my Bluetooth was always connected again the next morning. Here’s why:

Hopefully if you have an iPhone you will be well used to swiping up from the home screen to reveal a great little screen providing you with all sorts of helpful options. Like me you have probably been using that screen to turn your WiFi and Bluetooth on and off, but what it now does when you turn it off is disconnect from the WiFi or Bluetooth you’re currently connected to, but does not turn off the function. So your phone is still searching for WiFi and Bluetooth connections. Also, if you turn them off in this screen only, they will come back on again at 5am the following morning. What you’re doing is not so much turning them off, as temporarily disconnecting them.

There are two problems with this: the first is the potential for security issues if you’re being connected without your knowledge. The second is that these features tend to be highly battery draining. So if your phone is running out of juice faster since the update, this could be why.

Here’s the solution:

Go to settings. You’ll see that in both the WiFi and Bluetooth sections are either ‘connected’ or ‘not connected’. Again, ‘not connected’ is not the same as ‘off’. To actually turn them off, go into each and slide the little circular button at the top back to the left. Done.

Here is an article explaining all of this in more detail if you’re interested.