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Navigating the Holidays Act

The way that businesses employ staff is changing. If your employees work set days and hours days each week without variation then the Holidays Act 2003 will be easy to apply. However, more and more employees these days are working variable hours, casual or on call, or working extra hours as they come up. These [...]

Jayden K. Smith – It’s a Hoax

I've received several Facebook messages in the last week from my conscientious friends and family warning me that I'm at risk of being hacked, and not to accept friend requests from Jayden K. Smith. This is the text: "Please tell all the contacts in your messenger list not to accept Jayden K. Smith friendship request. [...]

And The Winner Is…Pippa Berry-Cope

The winner of our awesome Free Super Charger Competition is Pippa Berry-Cope. Congratulations!! Pippa please come in and see us at 24B Dick Street to collect your prize. A big thanks to everyone who entered. Like our Facebook page to follow our series of helpful computing tips, and keep up to date with the latest local computing news [...]